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MBA Project Management Assignment Samples


Table of Contents

1. Project charter 3

2. Project title. 3

3. Milestone. 4

4. High level timeline. 4

5. Stakeholder management 5

6. RACI Matrix for the project 6

7. Gantt chart 6

8. Risk and issue management 6

9. Project management tool 7

10. Top-to-bottom approach of project governance model 8

References. 9

1. Project charter

Project title: Innovative body wash product that kills 99.9% of germs Overview In light of the current situation, people are demanding products that are efficient for fighting against germs. Scope Meet people’s demand of fighting against germsEnvironment friendly product launchPrice lower than competitorsLaunching the product in the US first and then rolling into Europe Milestone Address the need of consumers through quick launch of antibacterial body wash product Project goal Launch an innovative body wash product that is cheap as well as effective for fighting against germs. Project team Marketing experts, Supply Chain manager and R&D professional

Currently consumer behaviour is changing towards products that are effective to fight against germs. Due to this, the project of delivering an innovative body wash capable of killing 99.9% germs is a feasible option for the company.

Project scope and milestone of meeting people’s demand through an innovative eco-friendly product priced cheap compared to that of competitors is pursued.

Project goal of launching a germ fighting body wash product in collaboration with marketing expertise, R&D department and supply chain manager is pursued. Thus, the undertaken project and the pursued goals and milestones satisfy the actual business need of the company.

2. Project title

Delivering a new body wash product by a global FMCG company that kills 99.9% of germs

Title of the undertaken project is Launching an innovative and cheap body wash product for the consumers that can kill 99.9% of germs.

3. Milestone

  • Meet people’s demand for personal hygiene and care products
  • Offer a cheap product that is efficient also for its purpose
  • Be concerned about using eco-friendly packaging material for the new body wash product
  • Firstly launching the product in the US market and afterwards expanding to Europe market

Planned project milestones are effective to determine the final project success and the pursued intention to follow for planning the project. 

This slide explains project milestones that are needed to be focused during project practices for deriving the project as a highly successful business proposal for the company.

4. High level timeline

IDActivitiesDurationStart date (MM/DD/YYYY)End date (MM/DD/YYYY)
1Project initiation8 days02/07/202202/16/2022
2Market analysis5 days02/07/202202/11/2022
3Identifying product need3 days02/14/202202/16/2022
4Project planning6 days02/17/202202/24/2022
5Determining product features3 days02/17/202202/21/2022
6Settling price1 day02/22/202202/22/2022
7Packaging design and material selection2 days02/23/202202/24/2022
8Project execution21 days02/25/202203/25/2022
9Producing the product6 days02/25/202203/04/2022
10Launching in the market5 days03/07/202203/11/2022
11Product marketing10 days03/14/202203/25/2022
12Project closure6 days03/28/202204/04/2022
13Completing production5 days03/28/202204/01/2022
14Adding a new product portfolio1 day04/04/202204/04/2022

This slide shows a detail project timeline

5. Stakeholder management

Key stakeholdersPowerInfluenceManagement strategy
Project managerHighHighCommunicating business activities regularly
Marketing experts of the global FMCG companyLowHighKeeping informed about the project progress (Gupta et al. 2020)
R&D specialistsMediumHighShare key details regarding the product speciality
Supply chain managerLowMediumKeeping engaged in project planning
CustomerMediumHighKeeping satisfied

Above table summarizes project stakeholders and management strategy

Identified project stakeholders and determination of stakeholder management theory is likely to exert positive project impact    

6. RACI Matrix for the project

This slide represents the RACI matrix for the undertaken project

  • Economic value analysis for the product
  • Designing a strategic project framework
  • Developing actual product concepts based on user analysis and testing outcomes
  • A roadmap for delivering the product to be designed

RACI Matrix helps for effective task allocation for the project stakeholders (Suhanda and Pratami, 2021). As per the RACI matrix for the undertaken project, economic value calculation for the innovative body wash product intended to deliver to the market customer is an essential responsibility of the stakeholders. 

7. Gantt chart

This slide represents the project Gantt chart for launching an innovative body wash product

  • Whole project is divided in four phases as initiation, planning, execution and control
  • Sub-activities under each phase is identified
  • Time and task dependency based project activities sequencing is planned

Project Gantt chart helps visualize the key project activities and time plan to follow for effective project governance (Brčić and Mlinarić, 2018). Gantt chart of the undertaken project guides an effective sequence of project practices that can raise overall performance quality of the project. Thus, the proposed Gantt chart is an essential practice guide for the project. 

8. Risk and issue management

Risk and issuesLikelihoodImpactMitigation
Failed product designingMediumHighDesigning the product based on actual consumer expectations
Low demand of the product after launchLowMediumImproving product marketing effort
Inefficient supply chain networkMediumMediumSigning contract with a third-party highly efficient supply chain network owner
Failed product marketingHighHighHighlight consumer value offering aspects during product marketing
Competitor launching similar product at low priceLowMediumDiversify product range
Non-attractive product packagingMediumLowEye catchy packaging content integration

 This slide summarizes project risks and issues and best mitigation approach

9. Project management tool

Gantt chart

  • Using this tool to improve project activity practice flow outlook

Gantt chart project management tool can be used for the undertaken project to plan project activity governance desirable as per the requirement of meeting phase-wise practice objectives efficiently.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • This project management tool can be used to make the project activity plan in a more manageable way for better governance in terms of following the practice sequence governed by the WBS (Burghate, 2018)

WBS project management tool utilization of the project would be beneficial in terms of developing team understanding about smaller work practice segments that could be followed to accomplish the final project goal. 

Project Baseline

  • This project management tool summarizes a plan of practice that integrates the aspects of project scope, time as well as budget parameters (Tereso et al. 2019)

Project baseline management tool can be used for the undertaken project to ensure effective alignment between the project scope defined and the budget and time allocated for practicing all the project activities 

10. Top-to-bottom approach of project governance model

Top to bottom project communication management

  • Flow of information from top level manager to low level project authorities

High level project or business authority to field workers for the project will be the direction of project governance.

Communication plan for the project

  • Decision making by top level managers
  • Conveying the made decision to the project workers by operational heads
  • Project workers applying the made decisions

Above shown entity contact flow will be followed as the project communication plan as top down approach prescribes flow of information from the higher level project authorities to the lower level workers. Decisions made by organizational authorities will be practiced by the project workers for the undertaken project so that a centralized project control governance model can be established.

  • Top-to-bottom communication approach will be followed
  • Hierarchy form of decision making responsibility

Top-to-bottom approach based project communication and governance model will be followed for the undertaken project in order to prescribe sole responsibility of making decisions to the organizational or project team hierarchy level entity. Top-to-bottom project governance approach helps establish a centralized decision making control for effective project practice and success accomplishment (Heide et al. 2018). 


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