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Taxation law is an area of legal study handling with the constitutional, tax treaty, common-law, statutory, and regulatory rules that incorporate the law applicable to taxation. It is the branch of law which deals with laws, rules, and policies regarding taxation. No1 Assignment Help is UK’s most renounced assignment help website in all over the world.

Taxation Law assignment is not any other general assignment but it one of the difficult topic to deal with. For this, we have taxation assignment experts who have in-depth knowledge about the topic. We also follow the rules and guidelines set by the various colleges and universities in the UK. The UK taxation system is amongst the highest in the world on account of cumulative income which makes the students study hard for this. Money that state or government collects via taxes is used to bear out many functions. Few of the major functions are education system, social engineering, health system, expenditure on war, and much more.

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What Are The Different Types Of Taxes?

Below mentioned is the taxation law assignment help by legal experts describing the most common tax categories that we are all aware of.

  • Income Tax: It is the position where tax is imposed on the net profit from a business and other income. A person has to file a return at the end of the year. Income tax is a tax that is imposed by the government on financial income accomplished by all entities within their jurisdiction.

  • Property Tax: The tax assessed on the real estate of an individual. The value of the property which a person owns including the land is calculated by the local or municipal government.

  • Personal Income Tax: It is a direct tax assessed on the income of a person. A person here means an ordinary partnership, an individual, an undivided estate and a non-juristic body of a person. It is different from the tax paid on firm’s earning.

  • Goods and Services Tax: GST is a value added tax which is collected on the goods and services sold for domestic consumption. It provides revenue for the federal government.

  • Corporate Tax: As we know no 2 company earns the same profit. So it is the tax levied on the profits of the particular firm and the rates vary with the fluctuations or levels of the profits.

  • Sales Tax: The tax levied on the sale of any goods and services which a firm or company provides to the people. It is collected at the time of sale by the retailers and they transfer it to the government.

  • Value added Tax: The tax imposed on the value addition in the product at each and every stage whether it be the stage of production, distribution or the final stage of delivery.

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Taxation Law Assignment Example

  • Taxation in Australia: Tax payment varies at the different level. Agencies and Citizens there pay taxes to all levels of government: Federal, local, state governments. An income tax is a major form of earning revenue from the people of Australia. The government in Australia collects taxes practicing Australian Taxation rules. Case studies related to law are cumbersome as they require comprehensive research and a thorough understanding of the taxation system. Experts working with help to make it easy to work with taxation.
  • Taxation in UAE: UAE doesn’t have any federal taxation system. The taxation laws are only applicable to the oil corporations and foreign banks that are working there. Thus, students in UAE do not face any problem with the Taxation Law Assignment Writing and their life is easy as compared to students in Australia, UK, and the US.
  • Taxation in the US: There are various taxes levied in the United States that is on sales, income, estates and gifts, property, imports, payroll, as well as various fees. The taxation system in the United States is very complex to understand. But still, we are here to help on each and every topic we can.

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