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The legal law is a fundamental part of running a company. Federal policies monitor many elements of labour and company, and employment laws are amongst the most assiduously inspected. NO.1Assignmenthelp.co.uk with the team of expert writers do an employment law assignment help and law assignment writing service in different subjects including Nursing, Statistics, Finance, Art, Humanities, Marketing, History and much more. We also provide the students with various other facilities apart from assignment writing are dissertation help, case study help, Essay writing, Proofreading, and editing.

Employment law governs the rights and duties of workers and employees. Also called as labour law, the rules are primarily created to keep workers safe and make sure they are rated fairly, although laws are in place to safeguard employers’ interests as well. It even addresses the restrictions on the people and their organizations. It is meant to resolve numerous aspects of the relationship between employers, employees, and trade unions. Students can learn about these legal rights of workers if they take the service of employment law assignment help by an employment law assignment help expert.

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Minimum wage, employment terms, health & safety, living wage, hours, discrimination, dismissal and child labour are some of the fields related to employment law. Collective bargaining, workplace participation, information & consultation, trade unions, and collective action constitute collective labour law.

Keys areas of Employment Law, Labour and Industrial Law:

The labour law or Employment assignment expert of NO.1Assignmethelp.co.uk highlights some of the important industrial laws as follows:

  • Industrial relations: They provide an outlook on relationships between employees and management and within different entities in an organization.
  • Wages: This is the most important interest of the employees and labours and is studied under labour law.
  • Working hours: The maximum and minimum working hours are decided according to United Nations recommendations and it has to be followed by all the companies.
  • Equality: The labours and employees working in an organization should not be discriminated on the basis of their race, caste, position, ethnicity or language. The law says that they should be treated equally.
  • Safety and health concerns: Labour and employment law, mainly deal with heath care and safety of the employees and workers in the industry.

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Classification of Employment Law:

There are two categories of labour laws or employment law that are explained in jest by our Employment law assignment help experts:

1. Collective labour law- It shows the tripartite relationship between employer, employee, and the union.

2. Individual labour law- It is concerned with the rights of an employee at the workplace and through the contract for the work.

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The sample situation is of marital status. If employees who are married, they will not have the same salary as of the unmarried employees. In this situation, the industrial law should not intercede because the reason for is that the unmarried people can focus more on their job than the married ones. Married people spend their time and attention on their family, so they don’t work with the highest effectiveness. On the other hand, unmarried people can do overtime and they don’t focus much on the family.

Sometimes, the bosses want their workers to work more time with full efficiency so their best choice will be the unmarried people as they are also married. The unmarried people may work more effectively than married ones, so to the requested salary of both the kind of people should differ. It is the discrimination based on marital status but the labour law should not be applied because the unmarried people can do the job more efficiently, so naturally they should get the higher pay than the married people.

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