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Corporate law also known as company law is the study of how creditors, employees, shareholders, directors, and other stakeholders such as the community, consumers, and the environment interact with one another. Company law is a broader version of the corporate law. The United Kingdom was the first amongst all to draft modern corporation statutes, where through effortless registration procedure any investors could incorporate, liability should be in the limit to their commercial creditors in the case of business insolvency, and where management chooses to a centralised board of directors. It is very difficult to come up with a well-researched corporate law assignment unless you have NO.1 with top-notch law experts to give the students best corporate law essay assignment help. Not only we provide assignment help but also help in the dissertation, essay writing, report writing, case study help, proofreading, editing and much more.

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Different kinds of Business Organisation

  • Sole trader or proprietor: The sole trader is the most common kind of business ownership and it can be done in a wide range of activities e.g. Steel business, handicraft business, clothing business, electrical work, window cleaning, plumbing, busking. In the UK about 20% of sole traders work in the construction industry, next 205 in retailing, and around 10% in finance, and 10% in catering.

  • Partnership: A partnership is between two and twenty partners. Every partner is liable for both profits and losses. People in partnership can share skills and the workload. Every partner brings in some amount of capital with their expertise.

  • Company: A company is owned by the shareholders who are appointed by the Board of Directors to give direction to the business. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the senior most people within the company and has the responsibility for making major and important decisions. Managers specialising in the different fields will be appointed on behalf of the Board.

  • Franchisee: Franchising is really the 'hiring out' or license for the use of 'good ideas' to other companies or entities. A franchise gives the permission to sell a product and trade under a particular and the popular name in a particular area. For example, McDonald's, KFC, Burger King and much more have a brand franchise. For all these areas it requires some corporate law assignment help with the expertise of corporate assignment expert.

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The company has many rights, duties, obligations by the law which is needed to be followed. There are some of the characteristics which every company needs to take care of. Some of they are mentioned below:

  • Limited liability: The liability of the every member of the company is limited to contribution to assets of the company up to the face value of shares held by each one of them. A member is liable to pay only the balance money due on shares.
  • Separate legal entity: A company becomes a separate legal entity from its members in law. The company has its own name and its own seal, its assets and liabilities are also distinct and separate from those of its members.
  • Separate property: A member cannot claim to be the owner of the company's property till the company dissolves.
  • Perpetual succession: A company does not refrain to exist unless it is specifically terminated or the purpose for which it was formed has been completed.
  • Transferability of shares: Shares of a company are freely transferable, in accordance with certain conditions, so that no shareholder is permanently or necessarily espoused to a company. When a person transfers his shares to another person, the transferee steps into the shoes of the transferor and attains all the rights of the transferor in respect of those shares.
  • Common seal: A company is an artificial person with the separate entity and does not have a physical presence. Thus, it works through its Board of Directors for carrying out the important activities and entering into various agreements with other parties or companies. Such contracts should be under the seal of the company.
  • Contractual rights: A shareholder cannot accomplish a contract made by his company. He is neither a party to the contract nor entitled to the benefit of it. Any shareholder can be sued for the contract made by his company.

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